How to Lose Weight

Team up with Australia’s leading fitness couple and discover breakthrough meal plans and workout programs that have transformed thousands of moms and dads globally into their best physical shape.

Be One Of The Thousands Of FitMums And FitDads Who Are Now Reaping The Results Of Their Hard work!

Here’s your chance to finally change for the better and get fit without the common

misconceptions about diet and fat loss. NO “Hollywood” diets. NO fat burner pills. NO fad smoothies.

Just 100% real results in as fast as 8 weeks!

*Lifetime membership included

We don’t only focus on one method to get you from point A to point B of your fitness goals, we understand that your body works differently than others that’s why we’re letting you choose the most optimal program for your weight loss journey.

Our end goal is for you to live a happier, healthier and sustainable lifestyle. And we will do whatever is needed to help you achieve it through several of our programs.

FitMum Program lose weight

Let 6-time mum Sharny guide you in shredding as much as 20 kgs in 8 weeks!

The FitMum program is an easy-to-follow weight loss program that will help struggling mums reach their body transformation goals through quick burst workouts and viable meal plan options.

FitDad Program lose weight

Ditch the dad bod, lose stubborn fat and create a summer bod fast with Julius!

Designed for dads who want to maximise results while working out at home. Simple, no bullshit, get ripped.

PregFit Program lose weight

An active and healthy lifestyle while having a baby bump. EXACTLY what PregFit is all about. It’s created to bust the common misconception about pregnancy so you and your soon-to-be newborn can enjoy an active lifestyle.

Are You 100% Certain That Your Current Fitness Routine Will Help You Succeed?

Zan Cherry testimonial

“My mindset has totally changed. I love nourishing my body with all this great healthy fuelling food.”

“I feel so much fitter, healthier, and stronger. I enjoyed this program so much!! This group is so positive and inspiring I just love reading and seeing people's transformations. I feel so much fitter lighter it is such an amazing feeling.”

Zan Cherry

Alyssa Keyes testimonial

“I am so in love with the way I feel when I exercise my body and feed it good healthy nutritional food!”

I feel confident and actually can say that I love my body! I haven’t felt or looked this good since I was 17!! This was my 30th birthday present to myself!!

The best thing I have ever given myself is the gift of a Happy Healthy Fit Life!!”

- Alyssa Keyes

Perrine Chugg testimonial

"It's not just a weight loss that you are doing, it's a lifestyle you are getting.”

“I have now gained much better habits for me, my husband and my three daughters. How important is it to improve your family's health and well-being?

Loving your body and caring for our health is what we need to teach to the next generation.

- Perrine Chugg


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Our Fit Mums and Fit Dads are truly an inspiration, if you need that extra push on your conscious"


If you want a proven system that will help you lose unwanted fat while maintaining a balanced lifestyle and spending more quality time with your family… our best-selling FitMum and FitDad program teaches just that!