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Never Diet Again

Renegade fitness experts, Sharny and Julius shot to stardom when their first book, Never Diet Again was released to the public in June 2011. The book was an adaptation of a step by step ‘escape the diet trap’ program that they had created for their private clients . So successful was the program in changing people’s lives that the clients literally begged Sharny and Julius to make it into a book, which would be more accessible to friends and relatives overseas.

After the release of Never Diet Again, the couple realised that while very successful, it was just another solution, and looking around saw that there were thousands, if not millions of solutions for losing weight and getting healthy, but people were still getting “fatter and sicker”.

Never Diet Again

After much soul searching, they concluded that losing weight wasn’t the problem. The motivation for losing weight was the problem. Fat and unhealthy was the norm; athletic and healthy was the minority. To say someone was fat had become offensive. To exercise was a chore. 



That’s when they decided to write the book FITlosophy. In their words, it is “a collection of parables for athletes”. But it is more than that. It is a profound set of philosophical viewpoints that cut right to the heart of the human condition. Brutally honest, courageous, confronting, and often humorous, the stories told in this book reveal a part of the human psyche readers didn’t even know was there. This book will sit with the reader for a long time after the words have actually been read.


Sharny Kieser


Julius Kieser

Sharny and Julius have 14 international best selling books and 8 online fitness programs that people do from all over the world. They are regulars on daytime TV, radio and news all over the world for their honest opinion on life.

The Kiesers

Experiences not Possessions

The couple have 6 children that they travel the world with, full time as nomads. They want to teach their children that a life of memories and experiences is more important than possessions. Also, that there is incredible and kind people all over the world. Sharny is the high energy super mum personality in the couple. Julius’ often deep, philosophical nature is contrasted by his wicked sense of humour.