Be x Do = Have

Getting fit is about being fit…

Most people want to BE fit.

In order to BE fit, they believe they need to DO exercise, and HAVE a perfect physique. Only once they have their perfect physique, will they feel that they are fit.

This way of thinking is the sole reason that most people never actually BEcome fit — this way of looking at your goal is making the DOing into your focus and therefore a chore, whilst also thinking that you are not fit until you have a fit looking body

— so until then you will be fat.

If you instead change the equation and start with BEing fit, you will already have the mindset of a fit person — you will automatically DO what fit people do. You will eat like a fit person and train like a fit person, because you are in fact fit (you just let yourself slip a bit).

You are a fit person who got fat. You are not a fat person trying to get fit. See how in these two sentences there is a world of difference – what you are is what you will gravitate towards. If you are a fat person trying to get fit, you will gravitate back to being fat. If you are a fit person trying to lose your fat, you will gravitate back to being fit.

This mindset is a shift that will help massively when you have a “bad day”. For a fat person, a bad day will justify that they are fat, and therefore near impossible to get fit. For a fit person, it is just a glitch in the road to lose their excess weight, and will just add to their motivation the next day.

BE fit in your mind, then you will automatically DO what fit people do, so you can HAVE the perfect physique.

With us it is all about the DOing of a healthy life. If you are not BEing healthy in your mind, you are leaving room for excuses to creep in and allow you give up and remain unfit and fat.


You CAN do this!! We believe in you!!