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Healthy Junk 1

Healthy versions of your favourite junk foods! (Volume 1) 

60 easy recipes for making your favourite junk food into a healthy meal that has: No sugar, No wheat, No dairy, No grains, No preservatives, No additives

Healthy Junk 2

50 more healthy versions of your favourite junk foods! 

Easy recipes for making your favourite junk food into a healthy meal that has: No sugar, No wheat, No dairy, No grains, No preservative

Healthy Junk 1 and 2

 Healthy Junk Combo

Buy the bestselling Healthy Junk 1 and 2 together and save!

Fit, Healthy, Happy Kids

A Food and Exercise BluePrint for Children under 12

The world our kids are growing up in is very different to the world we grew up in. The gap is so much wider than between us and our parents. We grew up with nothing, so our parents worked hard to give us everything. 


How I had a Fit, Healthy, Happy Pregnancy and Pain Free birth

Sharny Kieser, labelled by the world media as Fitmum, has just had her 5th baby. Her most well known book, Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum chronicled her weight loss after baby 4. Now, in her no nonsense way

Never Diet Again

Escape The Diet Trap Forever 

Forget counting carbs and calories, you can eat what you really want, truly! In this remarkable simple step-by-step blueprint for success, you will find out how to: • Eat anything and feel no guilt • Write your own meal plan with whatever you really want in it •

Fitlosophy 1

Chasing Physical Perfection in a World of Gluttony (Volume 1)

We're all born of the same opportunity. Fat people are like welfare bludgers. 99% of them don't need the help, don't need the pity. But because it's so freely available, so many choices and so much 'sensitivity', they sit dormant, sucking the life out of the people around them

Fitlosophy 2

Expanding perfection against the rise of OOC

Following on from the worldwide smash hit "FITlosophy 1," this sequel goes deeper into the question: what is the potential for human performance? Hard hitting, courageous and in their customarily direct way

The Math Diet

The simple step by step guide to Carb Cycling

Exactly how much fat will I lose and how long will it take? Finally, this question has been answered. Using simple mathematics, you can create your own diet eating whatever eating

Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum

How I lost 24kg in 8 weeks after the birth of my 4th child

The cover of this book suggests it is a diet book. Or a weight loss book. It is so much more than that. It is a first hand account of a mother, who through societal pressure felt she had messed up


Understanding Baby Making

We found when it came to understanding fertility, expert advice was very expensive and we had to wade through a lot of really complex and daunting stuff.

Where have all the Pixies Gone?

In a world filled with vampires, werewolves and other horrific creatures, we seem to have lost touch with the cheeky, kind, loving pixies.