#Breastercising Busts Onto Social Media

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Mom of six is burns calories by multi-tasking while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in public and moms showing off their post-baby bodies on social media are always under scrutiny. But for one proud Australian husband and dad of six, his wife is an inspiration.

Julius Kieser recently shared photos of his wife, Sharny, on Instagram and Facebook doing the ultimate job in multitasking, captioned with the clever hashtag, #breastercising. She’s seen breastfeeding her 2-week-old baby while doing squats, with some of her other kids looking along or playing within eyeshot. For a new mom, let alone a mom of six, Sharny’s commitment to keeping fit and healthy deserves an applause.

Not for some naysayers, though. People have posted judgmental comments suggesting Sharny isn’t paying close enough attention to her kids and that she’s self-obsessed. Julius sees Sharny as motivated and has no issue with public breastfeeding. He thinks more women should do so. He happens to be a personal trainer too, so it’s no wonder he’s keen on his wife keeping active.

What are your thoughts on his #breastercising posts? Is it too soon to exercise, or is Sharny a good example of a motivated momma?

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