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Radio Interview CFM

This is Hamish and E.J. on CFM, a crazy call coming up real soon, right now though some very special guests some fantastic people in the studio, its Sharny and Julius

Yes that is true now they’ve written a book, it’s called ‘Never Diet again’. Guys how are you?


Very good thank you.

That’s good.

Sharny and I used to work together back in the day, so you’ve gone on to own a gym, and you’re professionals when it comes to the fitness side of things.

We try to be.


And you’re looking great by the way.

Thank you, thank you I’ll give you the money I owe you later on. It was very nice of you to say. Now, ‘Never Diet Again’ tell us about this book please.

We were dieting in the diet trap like a lot of people, everyones got a diet book in their cupboard, and you go on this vicious cycle of losing the weight, and then going trying to get back in that everyday living and you put the weight back on plus a bit of interest.

Oh yeah.

So um, we just said enough’s enough because we were gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight and decided we’d start to, well stop, never diet again, pretty much yeah.

Right so the idea behind the book is that you you’re not necessarily yo-yo dieting or dieting at all, it’s just a case of leading a healthy life.

Exactly. Listen to your own body, like everyone’s different, and you’ve just got to understand that if you listen within I guess you could say it sounds a bit weird but, um, actually just, if you feel like just eating some fruit, have some fruit, like people try and come up with this diet plan but everyday’s different…

What if you feel like eating some pizza?


You can answer that one.


Then go for the fruit instead.

Yeah. Well, it depends on what you’re craving, so if you’re craving pizza you might be craving salt..


…because you’re really hungry for cheese or something or there’s a lot of protein in cheese so just making the right decisions and also making sure you never actually get hungry, so you’re always eating because that’s probably, the worst thing you can do is wait until you’re hungry to make a food decision.

Yes, and you talk in your book too about sleeping, is sleeping important for weight loss?

Absolutely, well you remember the days that, you probably wouldn’t have them, but when you have a sleep-in, um you’re hungrier than if you didn’t have a sleep-in


So when you’re tired you’re really really hungry, so sleeping, making sure that you don’t sleep-in is better for you than sleeping too much actually, yeah.

Ah, Ok.

So, what is the optimum amount of sleep that somebody should get, if you can’t, if you shouldn’t sleep too little or too much?

Yeah, so start with probably six to eight hours, so try somewhere there that feels comfortable with you and just change it back by fifteen minutes each day until you start feeling really tired.

That’s great.

You know it’s somewhere around there


Good advice

Well that is fantastic advice, now one other thing that I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to see the front page of the Courier Mail today, uh, but it says on there that Queensland children are getting fatter, exercising less, eating more takeaway and watching more television, basically just not getting healthy at all.


Now, will this book ‘Never Diet Again’ also help kids out?

Absolutely, well as a parent you are basically your children’s God, they look at you like you are a God, so you set the standard, and this, too many people are actually eating a whole bunch of junk and trying to feed the kids nice fruit, veggies and meat and the kids just want to eat what Mum Dad eats.

Yeah, set them the example, show them the right thing to do so if they were to buy your book, they’d know the right thing to do.

Absolutely yeah.


Nice little plug there.


Alright, well…

It’s the best thing ever…

Now, you guys, you guys are at Dymocks today.

Yes, from twelve ‘til one, we’re going to be doing our book signing, and we’d love people just to come down and have a chat, ask some questions, I’m from Toowoomba so i’m excited about seeing some familiar faces and some new faces, so we’d like to make Toowoomba have of the best 2012 ever, so if you have some health and fitness questions, come down and have a chat with us!

Alright, well go and see Julius and Sharny Kieser, ‘Never Diet Again’ of course, at Dymocks today, ask any questions, they’re more than happy to answer them for you and of course, pick up a copy of the book!

Definitely, have a read, it looks fantastic.

Now, they’re being very generous, we have a copy of the book to give away right now, so if you’re keen, why don’t we take caller number five on 13 12 16.

Yes, good idea, give us a call and have a read, ‘Never Diet Again’, Sharny and Julius, thank you so much for coming in!

Thank you for having us!

Radio Interview 4GR

Radio Interview with 4GR in Toowoomba


Alright we’ve got a couple of special guests joining us in the studio this morning, personal trainers Sharny and Julius Kieser. Hey guys thank you for coming in this morning I know you’re in town for a book signing, you’ve got a brand new book out, it’s called ‘Never Diet Again’. Tell me, it’s the secrets that diet books and personal trainers won’t tell you?


Can you give us some tips?

Yes, well, I find that, do you know that Australia now is one of the most obese countries in the world?

Yeah, and the dieting craze is getting bigger and bigger?

Yep, so there’s got to be something wrong here we thought and it is the fact that we’ve dieted and then you stop dieting and you put your weight back on.


Plus a few extra kilos, and um, so we thought “no more, we’re not doing it anymore” and it took us to couple years and we put this book together.

Ok, so, dieting is a dirty word when it comes to you guys, it’s all about hard work and the putting all the effort into it, tell us, what inspired you to put this book together?

Our failures? (Laughing)

Well that’s it, too often we hear the stories from the people who have gone, lost the weight and gone OK well I don’t need to exercise anymore, I don’t need to eat properly anymore, I’ve got it, I can maintain this on my own. That’s certainly not the case, is it.

That’s right, well the thing is you know, when you’re dieting you’re restricting yourself of something, and as a human you want everything that you can’t have, so as soon as you stop and you say ‘well I’ve got to where I need to be’, all of a sudden you think ‘there’s the stuff that I couldn’t have before, I’m going to get it, and even subconsciously you don’t even think about it, you just start sneaking a little bit of this and that in, and then before you know it you’re back to where you are plus a bit of interest.


So this is, this is about a holistic lifestyle change, and really, thinking about your overall lifestyle, what you’re doing, what you’re eating every day, the way in which you’re living.
It’s more about, I suppose knowledge, about you know, all these diets that you go on that it’s as though you’re listening to an expert telling you exactly what you have to do, its more about, ‘here are a few things that work, try them if you like them, and if they work you’ll keep them, you wont have to be forced to keep them, and if they don’t work for you don’t do them’!


Move onto something else, try something else that works.


Absolutely. Now, you yourself have been in the situation where you needed to diet.

Absolutely, yeah, all the time.

Hits the diet books?

I’m a competitive eater.


And obviously what you’re doing now has worked, because I mean you’re looking in fantastic shape.

Thank you.

You could, seriously, you could crack a walnut on this guys bum.


What about the arms on him?

I know…


I know!

Absolutely huge!

I mean there are husband and wife team see, Sharny if you weren’t here, seriously like we’d be…you know…only..

Cracking walnuts.

Oh absolutely…



Absolutely no doubt. Now also you’re parents of two very young children as well. Now I know that you have also worked with kids when it comes to, you know, maintaining weight and that sort of thing as well.

Yep. People have got to remember if you’re dieting as an adult your children are watching you, and they’re learning from you from a young age so, you need for them to just understand and to eat good healthy food. We’ve only got this body once, like people look after their car, and they’re so clean with their car, they’re clean with their house, and then they put crap in their body,


and it’s like; how about you give your body a break, and just feed it quality food, take pressure off yourself, don’t stress about it, but just feed yourself quality food, your kids will follow, they really will; they’ll learn from that.

Yeah exactly, I mean that really is the thing – you’re setting up the example for the next generations as you move along. You’ve had plenty of success stories too having a look at your website there and I mean there’s plenty of people coming on to say it really worked for us, and in fact you guarantee that people will get results.

Absolutely, we do.

Yeah, if you stick with this and if you try it you actually just put the work in, there’s not even really that much work


You’ll change your life forever, and we’ve had, because when we wrote the book we actually didn’t really think anyone would read it, but it was more our clients put the pressure on us to actually make it into a book, and it’s just been getting bigger and bigger from there.

People have been handing it onto their friends, their clients have been buying the book to give to their friends and that, it’s sort of becoming a little bit over our heads.

One of the biggest tips in the book is, people do exercise they hate, why do you do that, like if you don’t like swimming, why are you going and doing laps at the pool? If you don’t like running, stop running! You won’t stick to it because you hate it, find stuff that you love.

If you like to play golf, go and play golf, just get out of the buggy and walk, and don’t drink beer, drink water, and then its 5k’s of exercise. If you like to dance, go and find a dance class, rock n roll or whatever it might be, rowing, you getting my drift?

Yeah absolutely.

Do you guys do exercise you love?

Yeah absolutely, yeah, I do crossfit so…


And I just love it, I’m a competitive person and I’m constantly trying to down the times and that sort of thing, and a lot of boxing training, so and that I really enjoy that, and that’s how I’ve lost 25 kilos in the last 9 months and it’s been a massive lifestyle change. This is the thing, and I’ve got a mate at the moment who’s on an all-juice diet and I’m just saying to him that its just ridiculous, because you are going to end up with massive cravings for other foods, your body’s going to crave proteins, its going to crave aminos, its going to crave things that you’re not going to give it with juice. You might lose a little bit of weight but you’re going to end up going back the other way, and from what you saying, I think you agree totally that that sort of thing is just crazy. Eat healthy but eat well.


See how you’ve learnt for yourself exactly what to do, then that’s perfect, we’re not the experts, you become your own experts. You’re your own dietician.



Well if you want to get started with the brand new lifestyle and have a brand new you, the best place to start is the ‘Never Diet Again’ book by Julius and Sharny Kieser. Thank you so much for joining us this morning but I think you’ve got a little special for us and that is you’re going to give away a signed book with us this morning.


We can afford to have big breakfast! They’re going to sign it, so if you would like to win this book and maybe kick start a brand new you, jump on the phones now we’re going to take caller number 3 on 13 27 10.

Never Diet Again and then the guys are going to be at Dymocks today.

Yes, 12 o clock.

Is that right? You’re going to be doing a signing?


At Dymocks, at 12 o clock today, so you can go along and see them there,

At Gardentown.

And ask them all the questions you want to know! It’s a fantastic lifestyle change.

Take some walnuts.





Bernard Fanning, we just want to wish you well.

They’re beautiful people, come on

They sure are…bye

Sharny interviewed by Mix101 Chrissie Swan

About 10 minutes before my interview with TODAY, Chrissie asked to interview me on curing cravings.  It appears she had an ulterior motive…

After asking me if I thought she was lazy, I get the feeling she didn’t like the answer, so talked over me before cutting my microphone and monologuing about how we were the reason kids were getting bullied.



Somewhere near the end of the interview, they just hung up on me.  We got a few messages from our fans like this:


And then I was told that MixFM had created their very own Meme!

Check it out (you can click on the pic to take you to the post).

By reading through the comments,  there seem to be a lot of people in this “small minority” who listen to that radio station…

Also, “small minority” when did we begin to ignore minority groups?




Anyway, we were luckily able to source a copy of the interview from a station insider, and although I didn’t want to respond, Julius has:



Being fat is not the only reason people get bullied.  People get bullied for eating a salad at work, kids get bullied for not taking “real” food to school (real meaning packaged junk).  Bullies pick on anything that is different.


Now, let’s clear this MASSIVE misconception up.  Once and for all.



“fat people are stupid?”
“fat people are less than?”


We’ve never said that.  We don’t even think it.  We have said that to become obese requires laziness – laziness in eating.  Laziness in nutrition.  Ignore for a moment the percentage of the population who have legitimate medical reasons for being obese, the rest are just lazy.  If I became lazy with my eating, I’d become obese.  it’s not something that is done TO you, it is something that you DO to YOURSELF.


The environment we all live in (all of us) is one that is geared towards obesity.  Everywhere we go, signs tell us to “take more, you deserve it.” Everything in our lives is convenient.  To be healthy requires work.  BUT EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT.  Just like work.  The harder you work, the more income you earn.  If you don’t work at all, you’ll become broke.  The harder you work at your health, the healthier you become.  If you don’t do anything about it, you’ll become obese.  Everybody has to make money, and everybody has to work on their health.  If you’re obese it’s because you’ve been lazy with your health, not because you are in some special portion of the population.  Everybody lives with the same temptations, everybody in this country has the same opportunities.  Chrissie (and everyone you’re trying to defend), if you’re not crippled in some way, if you’re not less intelligent, if you’re not a child.  You’ve just been lazy.


And when we say lazy, it doesn’t come with an undertone of cruelty, it is an observation.  Clearly you don’t like to hear it.  If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then that’s your choice.  Neither one of us wants to be mean or nasty, we want the best for you.  Covering your potential with layers of fat, crushing your internal organs is not what’s best for you.  It’s been easy to hide behind the pretence of “bullying,” but by hearing the truth that laziness begets obesity means that you CAN do something about it.  You choose to fight it, or to accept it.  Responsibility.


A 14 hour work day is not a reason to eat more than you need.  It’s an excuse.  We know a lot of people who work longer hours who are not unhealthy.  Not obese.  Because they choose their health over TV.  They choose health over facebook or short term pleasure (junk food).  They spend lots of quality time with their kids playing in the park or going for walks or wrestling on the lounge floor.  To manage a 14 hour work day, family, health and finances takes effort.  But it is effort that is essential.  If you’re too lazy to do that, why not cut back some hours.  Nobody is telling you to work 14 hours.  You choose that.


I do have a question at this point that I’d like you to ponder.  Why have none of your friends confronted you about your health?  Do you intimidate them?  You certainly have a lot of friends, but are they really friends if they allow you to eat yourself to death?  Being obese comes with some MAJOR health risks.


I’m calling THEM out right now.  Chrissie it at a very high risk of dying.  A higher risk of dying of a heart attack than a smoker is of dying of cancer.  What are you all going to be saying at her funeral?  Chrissie Swan is an AMAZING person and we all benefit from having her around.  Seriously, she is funny, intelligent, CARING and beautiful.  I want her to be here a lot longer.  I want her to be there when her kids get married.  Am I a bully for saying so?


We can’t see the inside of a smoker’s lungs.  We can’t see inside the mind of a junkie, we can’t see the destruction of a gambling addict.  We CAN see the result of food addiction.  You tie it to body image, you think it’s about “looking good.”  We don’t.  It’s not about beauty.  We see a lot of beautiful people, covered in a layer of fat.  Eating themselves to death.


This REALLY pisses me off.  Please, separate fat and ugly.  Ugly is opinion.  You can be fat ugly, you can be thin ugly.  Beauty and body composition are NOT related.  We get messages all the time about how ugly we are.  And that’s OK, because ugly or beauty are OPINIONS as long as my wife finds me attractive (her opinion) I’m happy.  Don’t link them together, if someone thinks you are not beautiful because you are fat, that’s their problem.  We’ve NEVER linked fat with ugly.  Fat is unhealthy.  Whether it is ugly or beautiful differs from person to person.


I don’t think it is fair for an obese child to be teased and bullied.  It’s not fair for any child to be bullied.  But once again, being fat is not the only reason kids get bullied, it’s not mutually exclusive.  Red headed kids, a genetic trait, get bullied so much more, listening to the radio, I hear “ranga” thrown around a lot.  That’s radio, that’s not the school yard!  That’s bullying, and having red hair is not a choice, it’s genetic.


So back to obese kids.


You say we are perpetuating bullying in the school yard?  It is an enormous cop out to blame the bullies.  It’s easy to, because a bully is something you can’t control, is easy to blame.  But the bully is not the person to blame for the hurt that happens to an obese kid.  The REAL people to blame for obese children being bullied are the LAZY parents.  LAZY, because they KNOW that the shit they are shovelling into their children’s mouths is making them fat, is making the other kids tease them.  PARENTS are giving it to them, kids can’t afford it themselves.  It’s like giving your child a cigarette then complaining that the people telling you that smoking is bad for you are perpetuating bullying and stigmatising smokers.


Chrissie Swan, you don’t like us, that’s fine.  It’s not our job to make you like us.  It is my job to like myself.  It is Sharny’s job to like herself.  And to stand back and watch you kill yourself makes us not like ourselves.  It is our calling on this planet to reverse this obesity epidemic.  To free beautiful people like yourself from your affliction.  Gluttony leads to obesity.  Obesity will kill you.  Every human is geared toward gluttony unless you do something about it every day.  To not battle your inner glutton is laziness.  Blaming a 14 hour work day for gluttony is laziness.  You’re not a lazy person, you have just been lazy with your health.



If you have an obese kid, or a kid who is heading that way, how are you going to answer them when they are adults and they investigate their food addiction.  “Why am I addicted to junk food.  Who introduced me to it?”  “Why can I never remember running?”


If they look through their photo album and see that they were fat as kids, photos of them eating cupcakes and maccas instead of playing on the swings, will they not resent you?


Being a parent is tough, bringing up kids in a world of temptation is tough, but you chose to be a parent.


Obesity doesn’t happen overnight, it is a gradual process.  Every single day you have to get up and make a choice, we all do.  Either you are going to ignore your deteriorating health, your expanding waist line, your wheezing breath, or you are going to do something about it.


Chrissie Swan, you are obese, you are well loved and you are influential and you CARE.  Put your ego to the side a minute and think about how you are using your influence.  Are you caring about the right thing?  Overeating is the same as smoking.  You are defending overeaters, and making it OK.  Stop doing it.  Stop allowing people to think it is OK to overeat.  It’s not OK to overeat, just like it is not OK to smoke.  You’re perpetuating an ideal that an obese person can be healthy.


The real danger to you, to me, to society is allowing people to believe that they are their fat.  I would like you to entertain the idea that maybe instead of defending the fat on a person’s body, defending “fat people,” you help them to see that they are not their fat,  the fat that they carry around is just an indicator of their past few years.  It is like a parasite, living on the person, it is NOT the person.  Use your influence to make a positive impact to our country; you have it in you.


We’re at war, Chrissie.  You and I.  But I’m not your enemy.  The enemy is out there and inside your head.  It is called temptation.  Greed.  Gluttony.  I’m recruiting you Chrissie, PLEASE.  Australia needs you.


Make people see the truth: You are NOT your fat, you can’t own that.  You are the person underneath.  Stop allowing other people to own their fat.  It’s like a jacket.  A jacket that is killing them, but a jacket that they CAN take off.


PLEASE!!! Stop defending the jacket.  Take yours off, and NEVER let your kids put theirs on.


Free us, Chrissie Swan.  We need you.

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