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You learn more from failure than from success, if you choose to see it that way.

Listening to the stories of the people who failed to complete the Kokoda Challenge, I am a bit jealous of what they have experienced.  In my opinion, the distance covered is irrelevant.  What is relevant is what you learn when you push your body to failure.

Some people fail at 5km, others fail at 100km, the Kokoda challenge was just a format that allowed as many people as possible to experience physical failure in its rawest form.  i.e. physical exhaustion, combined with sleep deprivation in the cold and dark.  To top it off, they make you compete as a team, so pulling out makes you feel as though you are letting your team down.

What does that do to you as a person?

I can tell you that it is emotional, this sort of thing brings grown men to sob.  But what comes out of this is a deep understanding of the human spirit.  Getting to that point is like living an entire lifetime in one event, from jovial beginnings to a bitter end, where you think you can go on, but your body is slowly dying on you.

Nothing can prepare you for the way that you will react when all your layers are stripped away.  Pride is the anchor for the soul.  In the hours preceding failure, the people around you know more about the real you than everybody else’s experience of your entire life so far.

You cannot hide, and having experienced this, both personally and now objectively, what is most interesting is that day to day, we are constantly trying to hide the best part of ourselves (without even knowing it  most of the time).

Seeing someone at their weakest, is seeing them at their best.  Their ego has been destroyed, exposing the magnificence of the spirit within.  And experiencing it first hand is like coming face to face with your own soul.

The paradox, however is that each time you reach this point, your ego grows back stronger, and makes reaching this point so much more difficult next time.  But you can rest, assured in the knowledge that you know you have met your god.  Next time you will know what to expect – and can better prepare yourself for the brief meeting.

If you know these brave soldiers, watch them in the coming weeks – they may have failed to complete their event, but in doing so, they have won the greatest prize.

That is why, in my humble opinion, true success is actually achieved only when you reach failure.

Be great, be powerful beyond measure

In life, it seems the older you get, the more excuses you hear.  If you listen to the excuses you tell yourself, 99% of them cover up laziness.  As a kid, we believe we can take over the world, or fly to the moon.  As an adult, we have given up on our “childish” dreams and work in the “real world”.  But if you, like me sometimes sit up at night thinking about how your life may have turned out a little differently here, a little differently there, then this video is for you.

The most common excuse we hear is “I played [insert sport here] in school, and got an injury in my [insert injury here], I can’t exercise anymore.

To put this into perspective, last week I heard a man tell me that he had rolled his ankle as a 6 year old boy, and had therefore not been able to exercise since then.  The man is in his 50’s.  the “injury” happened when he was 6 years old, and as a result, gave up on any sporting chance for his life!

This weekend we went down to watch our son Josh play rugby in Brisbane, and sitting on the hill in the sun within earshot of a couple of men in their early 50s I got a reality check that felt like a brick to the side of the head.  These two mates were listing off all the people they each knew who had died.

“you remember Jason, right?”
“yeah – he’s in the council?”
“Not any more, he died of a heart attack about 6 months ago”
“really, I thought that was Bill?”
Yeah mate, Bill was around the same time, so was big Kev.  You remember big Kev, married to Dawn who was the sister of Mike so-and-so?”
“Dawn, the one who died of cervical cancer?”
“Oh yes, Dawn, now I remember”
“well big Kev died about 3 months after she did – the big fella’s ticker just gave up”

the conversation went on for about 10 minutes as these two men listed off everyone they knew who had died, and they were so nonchalant about it.  The scariest part of this story is that both of these men were overweight, eating a pie and coke at 11 in the morning!

Watch this video and hopefully you will be inspired.  inspired to cast away your pathetic excuses, inspired to risk a bit of discomfort to live a longer, healthier, more rewarding life.  Say “no” to your mundane existence and take steps to be who you’ve always wanted to be.  If everybody lived the life they wanted to with full confidence in themselves and terrific amouts of passion, we would not have a single problem in the world.

This little video encapsulates the messages of Rocky, Muhammed Ali, and Coach Carter.

Fast Fat Loss Is Easy (Downloadable Report)


It is really is hard to wade through all the crapola out there that the salesmongers and marketing nerds are trying push onto you, so with that in mind, I have created this 44 page report for you, which basically outlines the fastest way to lose body fat. And how easy it is.

Think of me as your full time researcher, while you are at work, I am sorting through hours and hours of fitness, nutrition and business stuff, so that I can condense it, wash the crap off it and send it to you.

This report has taken me more than 2 full weeks to put together, so for even the minimum wage worker on $12 an hour, then this is worth more than $960

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • why fitness fad marketers DON’T want you to succeed
  • 3 MARKETING TRICKS that are being used RIP YOU OFF, and how you can use them to your advantage the only 3 MAGIC BULLETS of fat loss
  • quite an embarrassing story about myself
  • my 9 step process to ATHLETIC fitness (how we train athletes for PEAK PERFORMANCE)
  • 13 questions you must ask yourself if you want to GUARANTEE your results
  • a little rhyme that will help prevent your kids from getting PARALYSED in sport
  • a 6 STEP PROCESS TO CLEANING UP YOUR DIET once and for all
  • how to train yourself into becoming an ATHLETE, including a 4 MINUTE WORKOUT that will set you on fire!
  • The one stumbling block that STOPS athletes from reaching their TRUE POTENTIAL, and how to stop it instantly (really important if you have kids who want to be sports stars, there are many sports trainers out there wrecking kids’ futures – but you can prevent this!)
  • ACTUAL PROOF that there are people everywhere losing fat fast

I hope you enjoy this report, but most importantly, I hope that you READ IT, and take ACTION on the principles, I know I have, and the results are astounding.

I look forward to serving you more, and would love some feedback on this high value initiative of Stripfit and what else you’d like me to research for you…

Until then, be inspirational, be powerful.


Today Show

On Monday we got asked to appear on the TODAY show in Sydney, the producers had organised flights for us, we just had to get on the plane and everything else would be taken care of… except that they wanted us there Friday, and didn’t know about our 2 little ones. So, a couple of phonecalls later, and we had scored ourselves 4 return flights from Maroochydore to Sydney. What a manic couple of days that was! within 26 hours, we managed to fly from the coast to Sydney, drive a hire car under the harbour (Julius was pretty excited by that!), get into our hotel at 5pm, only to head straight out to get me an outfit to wear (lucky it was late night shopping), catch up with a few friends, do interview, check out of hotel, fly home. With 2 screamers… And 2 babies.

Recipe for Stress?


It was quite an experience, the interview went so fast, and what you don’t know as a spectator is that the entire show is scripted; they even told us what to say! Except that the host went off script, which completely took us by surprise after we had been told to “not deviate from the script”. Anyway, our first brush with TV was an experience we will cherish for years to come. The people at Channel 9 are so helpful and so kind; they even had someone look after the kids for us while we were on set. Julius thought it was so funny that we were referred to as “the Talent”.


When we wrote the book, Julius said that he would be stoked if at least one person would read it, but this weekend, we sold 1,264 books by offering “free postage and an autograph to the first 20 buyers.” We just didn’t expect much, so didn’t put that ‘rule’ into our shopping cart software. So here I am, signing over 1,000 copies of our book. I hope they actually get read!

How to get RSI

Survey reveals teenagers want fitter mums

You thought it was drive in, pick the kids up and drive out?  Oh no mum, that strip of tarmac is a catwalk.

A new survey conducted over Facebook, asking teenagers about the importance of school pick up revealed some startling statistics about what makes a mum cool.

Fitness won out unanimously as the most impactful change in making kids proud of their mums.  “This goes against what we were expecting.”  say bestselling fitness authors Julius and Sharny Kieser who conducted the survey.

Anyone living with a teenager knows that image is their number one priority.

“Image pressure from teenagers is a massive factor in making mums feel good about themselves.  Teenagers can be spiteful and cruel to their mums and are quick to make them feel inadequate.”

Interestingly, looking athletic is more important to your kids than picking them up in a luxury car.

“We’re seeing a spike in obesity among private school mums, along with a booming luxury car market.”  say the Never Diet Again authors.  “We thought that kids were pressuring parents to get the cool cars, but it appears that they would prefer to trade the new car for a fitter, healthier mum any day.”

This unexpected result may be great news for the obesity epidemic.  “This young generation have not given up on health and may be the ones to turn the crippling economic problem around.”

Australians are spending billions of dollars a year on obesity related health problems.  Problems that can all be fixed with a little bit of exercise.

“If my mum got fit again and picked me up in sporty clothes, I’d get so many compliments.  I’d be so proud” wrote Kelsey, a respondent from the Gold Coast.

“The first step is awareness, and the next step is action.  If we are to tackle this problem head on, mums need to talk to their kids, find out what they think and then do something about it.” say the Kiesers

“Finding the time and motivation to exercise is easy, there is a personal trainer on nearly every corner.  Save some money on the car and visit one.”  It could be the best investment you ever make for your kids.

Survey Statistics
Survey date: 16 – 22 April
Survey method: online
Targeted age: 14-16 years
Targeted Gender: none
Resulting gender: 61% female, 39% male
Geographical targeting: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast private schools
Number of respondents: 7,634
lead generation: Facebook ad to icontact survey
Facebook ad: “Click here if your mum picks you up from school”
Survey question: “what would make your mum cooler at pick up today?”

Survey results:
•    a new luxury car        28%
•    new designer clothes    3%
•    a new haircut            2%
•    looking fitter            67%

Interesting comments:

“I have to run to get in the car, because every time mum picks me up she smells like KFC.  It’s embarrassing because she’s fat but I can’t tell her because she’ll get angry at me.” Jerome – Sydney

“I’d rather walk up the street than get picked on for her weight” Angie – SCGS

“mum is fit already.  All my friends like her more than their own mums” Maddie – Sunshine Coast

Get your Ebook on Amazon from Australia

ebooks are the future of books, don’t fight it, just join in for another avenue to book sales earnings.

Here’s how to do it in as little time as possible:

Step 1:

Sign up to Kindle Direct Publishing

Step 2:

Get a copy of your book in word format.  change the very first page and very last page to say:

To get the hard copy of this book, please go to: [input your website, making sure you start with http://]

this will provide you with a high ranking backlink (don’t worry if you don’t know what that means) and it will also make people go to your site to buy your book rather than the bookstore or amazon.

make sure that when you control-click the link, it goes to your site.


Step 3:

upload it to KDP, they will render it into kindle format and epub format.

Step 3:

Get a copy of your front cover in .png format and upload it

Requirements for the size of your cover art:

  • At least 500 pixels horizontally and 800 pixels vertically
  • Ideal height/width ratio of 1.6
  • Maximum of 2000 pixels on the longest side is preferred
  • Save at 72 dots per inch (dpi) for optimal viewing on the web

Step 4:

Set your price point.  At this stage, it has to be below 10 bucks.

Step 5:

KDP will make your book into a kindle ready format and distribute it automatically.  Cool

Step 6:

if you have your own shopping cart and it has digital security, upload the document they gave you to check, and BAM! you’ve got an ebook version of your book on your own website, and you can charge more than 10 bucks.  Bonus!

Other Useful Articles:

learn how to get your hard cover book on amazon

learn how to reduce your withholding tax from your author commissions at amazon



Reduce your Withholding Tax on Author Commissions from Amazon for Australian Authors

Amazon, being a US company will withhold extra tax from you. To mitigate this, just sign up for a US tax ID.  Sounds complicated, but it's not.

You can get an EIN (Employer Identification Number also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number) in your business name, or if you do not have a registered business name, in your own name.

If you call the IRS on 267-941-1099 and ask for an EIN they can issue it over the phone. It takes about 10 minutes and you will need your Australian Tax File Number.

Use a service like Skype to make the call so you can do it cheaply.

Once you have that you just fill out a W-8BEN form and send it to CreateSpace, KDP, iTunes, etc.

Instructions about form:


The tax treaty between the US and Australia is Article 12.

This allows you to pay only 10% withholding tax on book royalties.

For the reason you are using the W-8BEN form you put "Australian author self publishing via US distributor".

You only need to get an EIN once.

BAM! You're on Amazon, earning commission cheques within a week!

Unite us, Athlete

I often ask why it is that we humans celebrate athletes so much.  Pragmatically, they don’t do anything for the ongoing growth of humanity.  They serve nobody but themselves.  They cost money.  They spend a lot of time chasing worthless pieces of tin to hang around their necks.  Yet we love them.  Why?

Why don’t we celebrate the humble librarian, or the crime fighting policeman or the life saving doctor?


They certainly do more for humanity than a professional athlete, don’t they?


Don’t they?


Well, let’s find out…


Who represents the doctor?  Who does he think of while performing life saving surgery?  Who does the librarian think of when she is stacking her books?  Who does the policeman imagine he is when he is running down a criminal?


Maybe an athlete?


We think, and this could be seen as elitist yes, but we think that our days are spent living between important moments.  Just like an athlete, who spends his/her days working hard between competition days.


Even on competition day, if the preparation and effort through the week is not enough, they miss the moment.  The timing is just not quite right.


We’re the same, we know it because it is the same feeling.


It is the small moments of perfection.  They say that we will know luck when preparation meets opportunity.  Call it luck, call it buzz, its all the same feeling.  When all the cards seem stacked in our favour, when we just win; it could be at work, it could be negotiating a deal, it could be a conversation with our spouses;  we feel this buzz, this sense of oneness, this enchanted effortlessness, and we believe in ourselves.


Not the “positive thinking” crap we’re told to do that covers up the negative like a thin veil; but real effortlessness that happens when we’ve worked so hard for so long that the body finally “gets it,” the cynicism drops away for a moment and we’re allowed to believe in ourselves.  The evidence is there, we feel it.  We’re “on top of the game”, we say.  We’re “on fire.”  We believe in ourselves.


We also know what it feels like to fail, we know how hard we worked for every one of our triumphs, we know our friends are opponents and our opponents are friends.  We know we’re in a great big game, a game where the stakes are high and the rules are unclear.


And then we watch sport.  Or better yet, we watch an athlete in a gym, some crazy person, focused; animalisic in their intent.  Driving their body further, harder, faster.  Sweat pouring out of them, carnal grunts instead of breathing.  Every movement laboured, every second painful.


Exterior pain indicating internal ecstasy.  Food, sex, free time, love, family, ambition, sadness and desire for a better world has been shifted to the side.  Once an athlete realises they have nothing left in this cold, dark world but themselves, their vessel and their spirit; they dance.  The movements perfect. The song of laboured breathing harmonious to their ears.  It sings of glory, it sings of victory, it sings of triumph.  Loud, barbaric and enchanting all at the same time, the songs plays.


And the body responds.


Heavier, further, faster, lungs burning but spirit soaring.


This is the life of an athlete.  This is why everyone should be an athlete.  You know what we’re talking about because you are an athlete.  Every day, you get up and do battle with yourself.  You prepare, hone and strengthen your powerful body for the onslaught of human nature.  Like a puddle of fresh water in the desert.  You work so hard to stay there, because one day someone will need you.  Someone will rely on you.  Perhaps now?


If you are an athlete, if you have been seen doing crazy physical strengthening that our 8 week athlete course has demanded of you, then you have been that puddle in the desert.  If you go out of the house in the cold of winter for a run, then you have been that puddle in the desert.  If you’ve worked out at the gym with such ferocity that you don’t even see the mirrors and the pretentious stares, then you’ve been that puddle in the desert.


A bee never knows that by eating nectar, he pollenates the flower that becomes the giant oak tree that supports the beams of a hospital.  He never knows, but a some bee had to pollenate the flower.


You never will know the impact of your commitment.  But someone has to do it.  We’ve seen communities change from the actions of a single, brave man or woman.  People drive past you and look, wonder “what would it be like to be him/her”


That night, they go for a run themselves, 3 weeks later the heart attack they are meant to die of doesn’t happen.  You won’t know this, and they will have forgotten the moment they saw you.  But this is the way the world works.  This is why we need athletes.


No matter what your profession, you are nothing without your inner athlete.  This is why doctors, policemen, lawyers, librarians all celebrate athletes.  Celebrate you.  They see the best of themselves in you.  For to be an athlete means you work harder than your profession. You have no days off, there is no comfort zone, you are always being bashed back down by the opposition, let down by your ageing body, and an environment geared toward gluttony, sloth and consumption.


And for that, for putting your head up in the middle of a firestorm, we thank you.  We love you.


To be an athlete is to chip away at a block to expose the best that is in you; in so doing, inspire the best in others.  So please, continue to fight with yourself every day until you dance effortlessly.  You’re on the field, playing the game.  Give the crowd a spectacle that will have them singing your name.


The final whistle is not the horn of glory.  It is in the moments of effortless brilliance that we bring humanity together.  Correction.  It is your moments of effortless brilliance that you bring humanity together.


Unite us, Athlete.


Sharny and Julius

Radio Interview with MixFM Sunshine Coast

Last week we went down to chat to Mark and Caroline from MixFM Sunshine Coast about our book Never Diet Again.  Being really comfortable with attention and excellent in the limelight [insert sarcastic face], Julius managed to pull off a spotless promo pic.  If you’re thinking about PR or making an impression, just follow these simple steps:

if you would like to listen to the interview, just click the orange play button, and it should play straight away!