Character driven, not behaviour driven.

This morning I received an email that really got me excited, I’ll copy and paste it here:
Hi Julius,

Just thought I would let you know, I managed to enter the Ironman 2012 at Port Macquarie. The 1000 slots filled up in 32 minutes from the time it opened.

Now the real training starts.


For those who haven’t heard of one, an ironman is the pinnacle of human physical achievement, people train for thousands and thousands of hours to complete an ironman (3.5km swim, 180km bike ride, 42km run). Imagine running a Marathon after riding from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, which you do after swimming from Maroochydore to Mooloolaba!


People get so excited that they get Ironman tattoos to commemorate their achievement.
Well Ivan is going to be one of these people (not the tattoo though).  Ivan will complete the Port Macquarie ironman and I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever.  And you know why?


Well, I’ll tell you a little story.


Around 6 months ago, a very overweight man named Ivan walked into Stripfit, wanting to get results, a bit pensive about what it would take.  Ivan had tried everything; crash diets, shakes, low carb, high protein, and while all of these had helped him drop some weight, they had failed to provide him with what he truly wanted – long term PERMANENT fat loss [sound familiar?]


Ivan Now

Ivan also mentioned that he wanted to do an Ironman.

Now looking at Ivan (right), you would be forgiven for thinking to yourself “yeah right”.  But at Stripfit, we have seen too many physical miracles

to be taken aback by such a seemingly audacious goal.

“Who are we to kill the dreams of others?”  I ask myself on a daily basis.  Our work at Stripfit only begins with fitness, what we love to sink our teeth into is uncovering the power within a person, the magnificence, the beauty.  And this begins with a compelling goal, something Ivan

came with – prepackaged, ready to rock.

Ivan has been training with us every thursday night at 6.30pm with his equally inspiring son, Steven.  Every week, without fail, they amaze and inspire us.

To date, the boys have lost 40kg each.  And what is most interesting for you and impressive for us is that they have done it consistently.  Every week, 1 or 2kg have come off on the scales.  Not 10kg in one week, none the next; just a kilo or two per week.  They haven’t tried to “break any records” as Ivan puts it, they have just changed their lifestyle and stayed consistent.

Sounds simple?  It is… If you are Ivan.  I mean the last 6 months have been a minefield of slobbery.  We’ve had christmas, then the floods “we’re running out of food” [what a cool time for chip companies], then easter!

But even on these week, 1 or 2 kilos came off.

Ivan is not a show pony, and understands that there is no such thing as a “quick fix”.  To get where you really want to go requires what we

call a “Mindset of Excellence”.  Every day, in every way, living as though you were being followed by a camera crew, documenting your life for your great grandchildren to see and elarn from.

Ivan and Steven do this, and will continue to do this every day for the rest of their lives.  It’s not a quick fix, it is a lifestyle, it is a life…

Character driven, not behaviour driven.

It’s people like Ivan who make me truly grateful for the job that I have.  Within these walls, we experience inspiration in it’s rawest form.  Every hour of every day powerful things happen in here.

Stay inspirational everybody!