Client Transformation – Nathan Holmes

I've always enjoyed reading Nathan's emails, one of the lines has stuck with me so much that it is the first line in the book FitDad (thanks Nath!)

Sharny asked him recently if he could share a bit of his story... Enjoy, there really is a lot to take away from reading his honest, direct approach to life...

"while I'm not where I want to be yet, I feel awesome!!! I'm the fittest I've been since I played baseball in college and I'm back shopping in the regular sections of the stores (not the 'big & tall' sections… aka, the 'fat guy' section).

I'm crushing the workouts… I'm stacking two, sometimes three workouts into one session most days… I'm running 5km twice a week now and averaging 5 ½ min/km, working toward my next goal of 5 min/km.

Feedback from my family and friends has been incredible. I rarely go anywhere these days without people taking the time to tell me they think I look great or how shocked they are to see my transformation. I've even been told by a couple of guys I know that I've inspired them to do something about their own health and fitness.

What I'm finding most pleasing is that no one has told me I look skinny. I've been told I look healthy, muscly, manly, strong… These are things us guys like to hear… I don't think any guy wants to look skinny!

Much of my weight loss has been in my waist and stomach areas, while I have noticed the development of bigger muscles in my chest, arms and shoulders… I credit this change in my body shape fully to your workout program… it's not just about losing weight, but about building a strong, healthy body.

I've been told by a number of friends I look lighter than 100kg, or that it looks like I've lost more than 23kg… again, because of the workout program, my body shape has actually changed.

I've lost more than 20cm from my waist, and for the first time in my adult life purchased a pair of size 36 jeans last week… I even tried on a size 34, which fit in the waist, but not the tree trunk legs I'm sporting.

I do have a bone to pick with you on one thing though… you probably need to include a warning that success in your program will lead to costly shopping excursions to replace your wardrobe with trendy clothes that show of your new and improved body!!! I'm now buying designer jeans and fitted shirts… This costs a fortune mate!!!!

Most importantly, I'm setting an example for my kids that I'm proud of. My daughter marvels at my workouts… sometimes she thinks I've lost my mind, but calls me her FitDad… As my son grows, I know he will be proud to have me as his father, not embarrassed of my weight problem, or worse, ruing that it has taken me from him too soon.

For probably the first time in as long as I can remember I'm in control of my eating… I feel like I have a healthy relationship with food now and I really enjoy food. I probably eat more now than when I was at my heaviest, but all the "food" that used to make me feel crap about myself and make me feel physically ill has gone.

When I tell people how much food I eat and still lose weight, it blows their mind!

Julius, I have so much to thank you for. Your easy approach to eating, your no-bullshit workout plan, your non-judgmental support and inspiring messages and stories, your obvious love and devotion to your family…

these elements combined to provide me with a platform that suited my personality perfectly to achieve these results. I don't think I or my family can thank you enough (I refer your program to everyone around the world that has asked me how I lost weight, so I at least hope I can drive some new customers your way!)

Nathan with son before fitdad transformation | Client Transformation

I've attached some before and after photos… the before photos aren't great quality… they were taken when I was at a pretty low place and I wouldn't have let anyone take that photo, so it's a poor selfie in the mirror, but I think it still shows where I was at… I loved the other before photo because it includes my son, probably the single biggest inspiration I have to become a FitDad.

My wife took the after photos… rather than feeling bad when she sees me like this now, my only problem is making sure we're appropriately alone because she can't keep her hands off me now!!!

Anyway, I'm happy for you to use these photos any way you like (if you like, of course)… I still have the rest of my journey to complete before I reach my goal, so I'm not taking the next 8 weeks lightly… but, I'm happy with who I am and how far I've come. I'll update you in 8 weeks when I'm at 90kg and ready to become an IronDad!!!"
How inspiring is Nathan!!!!