Fat Baby – Your Fault

If you have a fat kid, it is your fault. Research has shown that you can start the damage while the child is still in the womb!

Before I explain why, understand this:

you cannot lose fat cells, you can only empty them of fat. Think of fat cells as tiny balloons that fill with fat. So a fat cell is a fat holding cell. Some people have fat cells that are empty, others have fat cells that are full. Very full.

Your fat cells are distributed over your body primarily depending on your gender. That is why a woman stores fat in her butt and thighs, while men store fat in their belly and lower back.

Traditionally, women need enough food (stored as hip fat) to last full term in a pregnancy. Men need enough food (stored as belly fat) to run all day chasing buffalo.

The number of fat cells in the human body are determined in 3 stages of life. The third trimester of pregnancy, the first year of birth, and adolescence. Imagine each of these phases of life as audit time in the body. “Have I got enough fat cells?” being the important question here.

This means that in each of these stages, if your baby is malnourished i.e. you skip meals (naughty, naughty!) or if it (or you) is overfed in each meal, the baby’s body will respond by creating more storage space.

Worst is if you miss meals AND eat big meals!

Solution 1:

Eat regular sized meals, and space them evenly throughout the day.  Do not allow yourself to get hungry, and do not let yourself eat to being too full.  Drinking more water is your friend.  Did you know that quite often, when you feel hungry, you are actually thirsty. Drink a big glass of water and see if the hunger goes away.

Solution 2:

Just because you (or your children) have a lot of storage space (fat cells), doesn’t mean that they need to be filled.  All you need is enough fat to keep you alive for one or two missed meals (in an emergency!). About the size of a small pack of sandwiches is enough to keep you alive for a week of chasing buffalo, so ask yourself: “why are you storing a whole buffet?”