Healthy Cola Recipe

OK, of all the recipes, this healthy cola is technically not sugar-free. We ummed and aahed about putting it in, because maple syrup, although much better for you than sugar, is still a sugar.

But, and here comes the big but. For some people, a cola addiction is nearly impossible to kick, but unbelievably dangerous (even more so a diet cola addiction). So with this in mind, we have a cola substitute. But please, only use
this to kick your cola addiction. First, replace all the cola you drink with this, then cut down on the amount of maple syrup in your cola until you are left with plain old soda water.

  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1L soda water
How to make:
  1. 1
    Mix a tablespoon of maple syrup into your bottle of soda water.
  2. 2
    Every time you have it, reduce the amount of maple syrup until you don’t need it anymore.

This recipe comes from the cookbook Healthy Junk.

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