Lightly toasted chicken and avocado wrap

Alright, so you all asked for a meal that would suit Cyndi’s eating style. Give me more than just that paleo tasteless crap you say. I would argue that paleo tastes good, especially if you try my paleo pizza recipe

but I’ll let common sense prevail and give you a recipe of exactly what the maestro eats. And how do I know this?

Well, I’ll tell you a little story:

A while back, we were sitting in one of our favourite cafe’s in Mooloolaba; Envy cafe is testament to the fact that quality outshines cheapness in a downturn economy. This place just buzzes, shoeless hippies sit back to back with business people in their suits. The clack-clack of the coffee machine never ends – its like a tide of people wanting to be healthy come and go in the bustling health metropolis with no two chairs the same.

It is a work of art.

After we had our bowls of coffee (Sharny had the real hot chocolate, made with real chocolate!!!) we were met by the ever passionate Cyndi to talk about the seminar and a few other things.

Now, being in the presence of the female equivalent of the godfather of food, only way too kind to be a godfather, gives one the feeling of inadequacy.  So naturally, we waited to see what Cyndi ordered before we would place ours.  And I’ll tell you next week what she ordered, but in the meantime (jokes!).

She ordered a lightly toasted chicken and avocado wrap, which she confessed is what she orders every time.  So of course we would order the same, only to realise that consumption of said wrap made me feel like I had consumed perfection.

I remember thinking the same thing when I first tried a Hungry Jacks Whopper – which because of racism wasn’t allowed in my home nation of South Africa (probably why South Africans were slimmer and stronger than the rest of the modern world.)  So at 16, with little nutrtional knowledge other than my underdeveloped tastebuds, I could be forgiven for thinking that a Whopper was the best thing to have ever been created by man.  They then told me you could get a double!

So, once our meeting had finished, we some how came to order another lightly toasted chicken and avocado wrap.  And the next day, we ordered another.  For breakfast.  Before we knew it, we were there for lunch, which turned into dinner and then we were sick of them… until the next morning…

you get the picture.

Anyway, my suggestion is for you to try it at Envy – the thing is angelic – nothing I can do with my youthful culinary arrogance can do it justice.  But if you can’t, due to geographical constraints then I have reverse engineered it (and put my own spin on it) in the following video.

P.S. if you liked the music (and the weird spacey thing in the middle) you can thank my son, Josh for making it and leaving it on my desktop.

PPS, at the end of the video I have included a paleo option for the hard core among us!