Am I living my integrity? (Inspirational Video)

Good Monday to you all!

The past week has been an interesting insight into the world of mainstream media, city councils and publicity. Here are the stories if you missed them, there are still more to come.

Links to newspaper articles:
Business Owners Ordered to Leave
Council Softens Stance on Closures

We were also on all 4 radio stations, 7 local news and today/tonight!

It seems we couldn’t go anywhere without someone giving us their support or telling us their story. It is in weeks like last week that we both reassess and re-evaluate our position in life, asking the question:

“Am I making a difference in the world?”

Well, yes, every day we are making a positive impact on the health, fitness and inspiration of those around us. But the more important question when put in the spotlight to be scrutinised and opinionised (I know that’s not a word, but we have been the subject of so many conflicting opinions) would be:

“Am I living my integrity?”

After watching the following video of the amazing (now world famous) singer Jessie Jay, who sang to a crowd of strangers in Times Square NYC, it doesn’t matter who tries to knock us, or bring us down, if we live with integrity, we will always find a way to get our message across to the people that matter.

As a loyal reader and client of ours, we have a few surprises for you in the very near future; really, really exciting stuff – I just can’t wait to give them to you.

Please watch this video and tell me your thoughts in the comments below: