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Prepare your body for
an empowering pregnancy, 
a pain-free birth and
a fast recovery.


You’re going to be a mum/mom!  

Pretty soon a gorgeous little baby will be looking up at you with their deep, loving eyes. Quietly grunting and nuzzling you… the purest love. 

I’m so excited for you!!

Your little miracle chose you, nobody else. You know why? Because nobody on earth is better equipped to love that baby than you. You’re perfect for each other.

Whether you join my program or not, I REALLY want you to know that you are 100% capable and have everything you need to look after your baby from now right through to adulthood.

Be confident in your own decisions because that little miracle chose you, nobody else.

People are so afraid that you’ll hurt your own baby that they convince you to do nothing - just sit at home and “eat for two.”

The problem with that is that a short labour goes for about 4 hours. That's as long as it takes to run a marathon...

If you're really fit!

You wouldn’t run a marathon without training, so why not train your body for the longest marathon of your life - labour and childbirth?

This program prepares you for that marathon so that you give yourself the greatest chance of a pain-free, empowering birth

And I’m not talking about intense gut busting exercise, quite the opposite actually. 

To give yourself the highest chance of a pain-free birth, you need to exercise mindful relaxation whilst isolating your core muscles for bearing down.

PregFit also prepares your body for what comes after. 

You’re pregnant for 9 months, but a mom for the rest of your life.  

I want to share what I learned through my 6 births with you so that you too can have an EMPOWERING pregnancy and a powerful, connected birth experience.

Join Now and Get IMMEDIATE access to:


A pregnancy specific workout program

  • Doesn't matter your fitness level or experience
  • Workouts designed to prepare you for birth
  • A full section on how to do exercises safely for pregnancy
  • Workouts scaled for your trimester
  • Short workouts in video format
  • Printable workout sheets
  •  No equipment needed
  • All workouts can be done in under 15 minutes without leaving the house
  • All workouts can be done with kids around

Eating for Birth and Beyond

  • How to eat for an EMPOWERING birth
  • Poisons (what foods to avoid)
  • Combat cravings (even if you have no willpower)
  • Lots of simple recipes
  •  BONUS PregFit Energy Cookbook
PregFit Eating

Daily Rituals for a pain-free, empowering birth

  • PregFit specific stretches
  • Perinial massage (to prevent vagina tearing on birth)
  • Breathing techniques for a pain free birth
  • A 20-minute positive affirmation guided meditation


  • Your birth plan
  • Birthing options (I've had 3 hospital births and 3 home births.)
  • How to avoid the "horror story" friends and the "expert" aunties
  • Involving your other kids in the birth
  • How to turn a posterior baby
  • What to do with a breach
  • What to do after the baby is born (and you're on your own)
Daily Rituals

Amazing Support

Join TODAY and we'll give you FREE access to the secret Facebook Support Group.

I'll be lurking there if you have ANY questions at all ;)

"Every day, someone new posts their AMAZING transformation. I'm so inspired!"

"I can't believe the support group is free, other programs charge hundreds of dollars for support that just isn't anywhere near as comprehensive as this."

PregFit Support

About Sharny Kieser

  • I'm nearly 40 years old
  • I have 6 kids (all mine)
  • I have lots of stretch marks
  • I used to weigh 30kg (66lb) heavier
  • I used to have Post Natal Depression
  • I now exercise less than 15 minutes a day
  • I want to help you, just like I've helped thousands of other mums worldwide to feel like I do.
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