Press for PregFIT

Last week, I wrote this blog post: PregFAT vs PregFIT (my 6 pregnancies compared).  As a result, the press went crazy...

pregfit press

As the press do, they focussed on only one thing - my last labour being only 15 minutes.  While I believe that being fit and healthy during pregnancy can make birth easier, I certainly don't think it's a big secret... And it's definitely not the only reason!

There are many benefits to being fit while pregnant, and I believe that fitness certainly helped speed the process up (more blood = more oxygen = better dilation).  But I think the main factor in my super fast birth was the 4 before it.  I mean, my birth canal is pretty much a slip-n-slide now.  

The main message I wanted to get across to the media, and I hope I did it in these two videos, was that the "secret" to a healthy pregnancy is actually "fun."  I wrote about it in the PregFIT book, and I wrote about it in the blog post.​

That was on Sunrise, this was on The Daily Edition:

The fake tan was certainly on point... I look like I've come straight from a month in the desert, having survived on only carrots and citrus fruit.

Here's how the media played out:

First was the Daily Mail.  They wrote an article about how I am pregnant and that having a fit pregnancy was the best experience of my life.  I love the Daily Mail, the comments are especially fun to read...

​Brian from Mt Druitt was right on the money...

The kiwi's jumped on board almost immediately, followed by a couple of parenting websites - BabyCenter (US) and The Stir who must have read the Daily Mail article only.

Once Good Morning America got it's hands on the story, it really took off and had a life of it's own.  ABC in the USA simulcast it across the entire network.  Here's one from LA, and here's one from ABC11.  Fox28 got in on it, followed by a lineup of mummy/parenting websites: Cafemom, SheKnows, RedBook Mag, babyfile and mommypage.

​That's when the Aussies came to the party with the videos I posted above.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love the attention.  For me, I dream of every mother having a pain free, fun, fit, healthy, happy pregnancy - so the more attention we can draw to this the better.  Mummas-to-be need to know that pregnancy and birth are not things to fear.  There is another way!

If you're wanting to know about that other way, then I wrote a blog post just for you.

Head over here to read it, it's not filtered and vetted to be good media.  It's straight from my head onto the screen in front of you, and it embodies this image...

what is pregfit?

All my love...

Sharny.​ xx