Publicity Masterclass – Sharny and Julius

publicity Masterclass

with Sharny and Julius Kieser


Crush it With Publicity!

Transcend your market using our tried and tested methods not only getting publicity, but exploding that publicity nationally and internationally and profiting off publicity.

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Where: ​26 Premier Circuit, Warana
When: Thursday, December 3rd 2015
Time: 9am -4pm
Investment: $997 (invoiced)
Seats: Strictly Limited

Publicity Isn't For Famous People, It's For

Imagine what it would mean to your business if a thousand more people could learn about you (or your product).  What about a hundred thousand.  What about a million people, watching you live on TV, discussing your business with a trusted host?  Publicity like this represents a massive advantage for you, if you learn our simple techniques for creating massive worldwide buzz and gaining an edge over your competition.

What's In The Masterclass:

Module 1: Get On The Inside

One of the hardest things with press is getting the right people to trust you or know you.  We break down the exact system we use to build a list of press contacts who get excited about our press releases.

Module 2: The Formula For a Winning Press Release

The "fill in the blanks" process we use to create epic press releases that will have producers and reporters beating a path to your door.

Module 3: Making It Go Viral

Publicity is like fishing.  Once you've caught your first fish, you can use it to attract bigger and better fish.  We have a system for that too...

Module 4: Monetising Your Publicity

the step by step system we use (and you must have) in order to milk every bit of profit out of your press.

Module 5: What To Write Your Press Releases About?

One press release can change your life.  In this module, we'll teach you all the most enticing press release topics to build a years worth of press opportunities.

Module 6: Cashing In On Current Events

Have you ever wondered how reporters actually know what's happening before we do?  In this module, we'll teach you how to know as soon as they know, so you can step in front of them with your expertise or product.

Module 7: You Booked The Interview!

In this module, we're going to go "backstage" and teach you our secrets to turning an interview into a cash cow.  We're also going to teach you how to appear calm on camera, even if you're really nervous

Module 8: Get Paid For Publicity

most of our publicity nowadays is paid.  We'll teach you how to get paid, and other trade secrets.

Module 9: Wrapping It All Up

We'll  summarise what you've learnt and how you can make the course pay for itself.  Over and over again...

Before We Even Start The Course,
we're going to give you 3 BONUS videos:


Are you/your product worthy of publicity?

  • Are you worthy of publicity?
    We'll break down why you or your business absolutely MUST be in the public eye.


Profiting off trolls / haters

  • Profiting off trolls
    Trolls and haters can be scary.  Until you see what we do with them.


Publicity For Profit

  • Publicity for Profit
    Publicity can be fun, real fun.  But it can also be really profitable.  We break down how publicity can generate massive revenue in a short time, if done right.

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