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Radio Interview with 4GR in Toowoomba


Alright we’ve got a couple of special guests joining us in the studio this morning, personal trainers Sharny and Julius Kieser. Hey guys thank you for coming in this morning I know you’re in town for a book signing, you’ve got a brand new book out, it’s called ‘Never Diet Again’. Tell me, it’s the secrets that diet books and personal trainers won’t tell you?


Can you give us some tips?

Yes, well, I find that, do you know that Australia now is one of the most obese countries in the world?

Yeah, and the dieting craze is getting bigger and bigger?

Yep, so there’s got to be something wrong here we thought and it is the fact that we’ve dieted and then you stop dieting and you put your weight back on.


Plus a few extra kilos, and um, so we thought “no more, we’re not doing it anymore” and it took us to couple years and we put this book together.

Ok, so, dieting is a dirty word when it comes to you guys, it’s all about hard work and the putting all the effort into it, tell us, what inspired you to put this book together?

Our failures? (Laughing)

Well that’s it, too often we hear the stories from the people who have gone, lost the weight and gone OK well I don’t need to exercise anymore, I don’t need to eat properly anymore, I’ve got it, I can maintain this on my own. That’s certainly not the case, is it.

That’s right, well the thing is you know, when you’re dieting you’re restricting yourself of something, and as a human you want everything that you can’t have, so as soon as you stop and you say ‘well I’ve got to where I need to be’, all of a sudden you think ‘there’s the stuff that I couldn’t have before, I’m going to get it, and even subconsciously you don’t even think about it, you just start sneaking a little bit of this and that in, and then before you know it you’re back to where you are plus a bit of interest.


So this is, this is about a holistic lifestyle change, and really, thinking about your overall lifestyle, what you’re doing, what you’re eating every day, the way in which you’re living.
It’s more about, I suppose knowledge, about you know, all these diets that you go on that it’s as though you’re listening to an expert telling you exactly what you have to do, its more about, ‘here are a few things that work, try them if you like them, and if they work you’ll keep them, you wont have to be forced to keep them, and if they don’t work for you don’t do them’!


Move onto something else, try something else that works.


Absolutely. Now, you yourself have been in the situation where you needed to diet.

Absolutely, yeah, all the time.

Hits the diet books?

I’m a competitive eater.


And obviously what you’re doing now has worked, because I mean you’re looking in fantastic shape.

Thank you.

You could, seriously, you could crack a walnut on this guys bum.


What about the arms on him?

I know…


I know!

Absolutely huge!

I mean there are husband and wife team see, Sharny if you weren’t here, seriously like we’d be…you know…only..

Cracking walnuts.

Oh absolutely…



Absolutely no doubt. Now also you’re parents of two very young children as well. Now I know that you have also worked with kids when it comes to, you know, maintaining weight and that sort of thing as well.

Yep. People have got to remember if you’re dieting as an adult your children are watching you, and they’re learning from you from a young age so, you need for them to just understand and to eat good healthy food. We’ve only got this body once, like people look after their car, and they’re so clean with their car, they’re clean with their house, and then they put crap in their body,


and it’s like; how about you give your body a break, and just feed it quality food, take pressure off yourself, don’t stress about it, but just feed yourself quality food, your kids will follow, they really will; they’ll learn from that.

Yeah exactly, I mean that really is the thing – you’re setting up the example for the next generations as you move along. You’ve had plenty of success stories too having a look at your website there and I mean there’s plenty of people coming on to say it really worked for us, and in fact you guarantee that people will get results.

Absolutely, we do.

Yeah, if you stick with this and if you try it you actually just put the work in, there’s not even really that much work


You’ll change your life forever, and we’ve had, because when we wrote the book we actually didn’t really think anyone would read it, but it was more our clients put the pressure on us to actually make it into a book, and it’s just been getting bigger and bigger from there.

People have been handing it onto their friends, their clients have been buying the book to give to their friends and that, it’s sort of becoming a little bit over our heads.

One of the biggest tips in the book is, people do exercise they hate, why do you do that, like if you don’t like swimming, why are you going and doing laps at the pool? If you don’t like running, stop running! You won’t stick to it because you hate it, find stuff that you love.

If you like to play golf, go and play golf, just get out of the buggy and walk, and don’t drink beer, drink water, and then its 5k’s of exercise. If you like to dance, go and find a dance class, rock n roll or whatever it might be, rowing, you getting my drift?

Yeah absolutely.

Do you guys do exercise you love?

Yeah absolutely, yeah, I do crossfit so…


And I just love it, I’m a competitive person and I’m constantly trying to down the times and that sort of thing, and a lot of boxing training, so and that I really enjoy that, and that’s how I’ve lost 25 kilos in the last 9 months and it’s been a massive lifestyle change. This is the thing, and I’ve got a mate at the moment who’s on an all-juice diet and I’m just saying to him that its just ridiculous, because you are going to end up with massive cravings for other foods, your body’s going to crave proteins, its going to crave aminos, its going to crave things that you’re not going to give it with juice. You might lose a little bit of weight but you’re going to end up going back the other way, and from what you saying, I think you agree totally that that sort of thing is just crazy. Eat healthy but eat well.


See how you’ve learnt for yourself exactly what to do, then that’s perfect, we’re not the experts, you become your own experts. You’re your own dietician.



Well if you want to get started with the brand new lifestyle and have a brand new you, the best place to start is the ‘Never Diet Again’ book by Julius and Sharny Kieser. Thank you so much for joining us this morning but I think you’ve got a little special for us and that is you’re going to give away a signed book with us this morning.


We can afford to have big breakfast! They’re going to sign it, so if you would like to win this book and maybe kick start a brand new you, jump on the phones now we’re going to take caller number 3 on 13 27 10.

Never Diet Again and then the guys are going to be at Dymocks today.

Yes, 12 o clock.

Is that right? You’re going to be doing a signing?


At Dymocks, at 12 o clock today, so you can go along and see them there,

At Gardentown.

And ask them all the questions you want to know! It’s a fantastic lifestyle change.

Take some walnuts.





Bernard Fanning, we just want to wish you well.

They’re beautiful people, come on

They sure are…bye