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This is Hamish and E.J. on CFM, a crazy call coming up real soon, right now though some very special guests some fantastic people in the studio, its Sharny and Julius

Yes that is true now they’ve written a book, it’s called ‘Never Diet again’. Guys how are you?


Very good thank you.

That’s good.

Sharny and I used to work together back in the day, so you’ve gone on to own a gym, and you’re professionals when it comes to the fitness side of things.

We try to be.


And you’re looking great by the way.

Thank you, thank you I’ll give you the money I owe you later on. It was very nice of you to say. Now, ‘Never Diet Again’ tell us about this book please.

We were dieting in the diet trap like a lot of people, everyones got a diet book in their cupboard, and you go on this vicious cycle of losing the weight, and then going trying to get back in that everyday living and you put the weight back on plus a bit of interest.

Oh yeah.

So um, we just said enough’s enough because we were gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight and decided we’d start to, well stop, never diet again, pretty much yeah.

Right so the idea behind the book is that you you’re not necessarily yo-yo dieting or dieting at all, it’s just a case of leading a healthy life.

Exactly. Listen to your own body, like everyone’s different, and you’ve just got to understand that if you listen within I guess you could say it sounds a bit weird but, um, actually just, if you feel like just eating some fruit, have some fruit, like people try and come up with this diet plan but everyday’s different…

What if you feel like eating some pizza?


You can answer that one.


Then go for the fruit instead.

Yeah. Well, it depends on what you’re craving, so if you’re craving pizza you might be craving salt..


…because you’re really hungry for cheese or something or there’s a lot of protein in cheese so just making the right decisions and also making sure you never actually get hungry, so you’re always eating because that’s probably, the worst thing you can do is wait until you’re hungry to make a food decision.

Yes, and you talk in your book too about sleeping, is sleeping important for weight loss?

Absolutely, well you remember the days that, you probably wouldn’t have them, but when you have a sleep-in, um you’re hungrier than if you didn’t have a sleep-in


So when you’re tired you’re really really hungry, so sleeping, making sure that you don’t sleep-in is better for you than sleeping too much actually, yeah.

Ah, Ok.

So, what is the optimum amount of sleep that somebody should get, if you can’t, if you shouldn’t sleep too little or too much?

Yeah, so start with probably six to eight hours, so try somewhere there that feels comfortable with you and just change it back by fifteen minutes each day until you start feeling really tired.

That’s great.

You know it’s somewhere around there


Good advice

Well that is fantastic advice, now one other thing that I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to see the front page of the Courier Mail today, uh, but it says on there that Queensland children are getting fatter, exercising less, eating more takeaway and watching more television, basically just not getting healthy at all.


Now, will this book ‘Never Diet Again’ also help kids out?

Absolutely, well as a parent you are basically your children’s God, they look at you like you are a God, so you set the standard, and this, too many people are actually eating a whole bunch of junk and trying to feed the kids nice fruit, veggies and meat and the kids just want to eat what Mum Dad eats.

Yeah, set them the example, show them the right thing to do so if they were to buy your book, they’d know the right thing to do.

Absolutely yeah.


Nice little plug there.


Alright, well…

It’s the best thing ever…

Now, you guys, you guys are at Dymocks today.

Yes, from twelve ‘til one, we’re going to be doing our book signing, and we’d love people just to come down and have a chat, ask some questions, I’m from Toowoomba so i’m excited about seeing some familiar faces and some new faces, so we’d like to make Toowoomba have of the best 2012 ever, so if you have some health and fitness questions, come down and have a chat with us!

Alright, well go and see Julius and Sharny Kieser, ‘Never Diet Again’ of course, at Dymocks today, ask any questions, they’re more than happy to answer them for you and of course, pick up a copy of the book!

Definitely, have a read, it looks fantastic.

Now, they’re being very generous, we have a copy of the book to give away right now, so if you’re keen, why don’t we take caller number five on 13 12 16.

Yes, good idea, give us a call and have a read, ‘Never Diet Again’, Sharny and Julius, thank you so much for coming in!

Thank you for having us!