Shelley’s Fit, Healthy Happy Mum transformation

I am very lucky that I love what I do and get to do it everyday.

And it’s thanks to people like you that allow Julius and I to write and help make a big difference in this world.

Which brings me to a beautiful and shining light…Shelley. Such an amazing mum and someone that I am so grateful to have met and gone on this journey with.

Now heres the gob smacking amazing part. Hope you’re sitting down 😉
Shelley is 45 years old!!!!! Omg right?!

She looks and feels like she is in she early thirties!!

But it wasn’t always that way.

While Shelley didn’t have a LOT of weight to lose, she still came to me in a place I wish for no mum to be in.  It broke my heart to hear these words come out of her mouth the day she told us (Julius and I) that she thought she was ugly!

She didn’t like to look at herself anymore because all she would see staring back at her was an old woman, in old woman’s clothes that was ugly and gross to look at! It brings tears to my eyes to repeat those words to you. (She told me I could tell you).

Shelley shopped at what she called ‘old woman shops’ and resigned herself to ‘practical’ (Shelley’s words), old woman’s clothes for the rest of her life. She also said she thought her days in a bikini were gone.

That’s when I piped in and said “NOT LIKELY!! You have plenty of hot bikini days in you yet! And f@$k ‘practical’ you will wear clothes that you feel fit, healthy, happy and of course incredibly beautiful and sexy in! You will be able to wear confidently whatever you want to wear!”

The great thing about Shell is for the 8 weeks of my Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum Program she did exactly what was set out. Went through the different stages of her detox and transformation and just trusted that she would love the ‘new improved Shelley’ at the end. She trusted the process so much.

And that is exactly what happened. She is back in a bikini at 45 and about to go on a holiday to Bali with her sexy fireman husband….lol. True story! Her husband is a fireman. I Know the picture you’ve got in your head right now….Hahahaha!!

  1. squats
  2. situps
  3. pullups under a table
  4. pushups


Love and big hugs as always


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