Survey reveals teenagers want fitter mums

You thought it was drive in, pick the kids up and drive out?  Oh no mum, that strip of tarmac is a catwalk.

A new survey conducted over Facebook, asking teenagers about the importance of school pick up revealed some startling statistics about what makes a mum cool.

Fitness won out unanimously as the most impactful change in making kids proud of their mums.  “This goes against what we were expecting.”  say bestselling fitness authors Julius and Sharny Kieser who conducted the survey.

Anyone living with a teenager knows that image is their number one priority.

“Image pressure from teenagers is a massive factor in making mums feel good about themselves.  Teenagers can be spiteful and cruel to their mums and are quick to make them feel inadequate.”

Interestingly, looking athletic is more important to your kids than picking them up in a luxury car.

“We’re seeing a spike in obesity among private school mums, along with a booming luxury car market.”  say the Never Diet Again authors.  “We thought that kids were pressuring parents to get the cool cars, but it appears that they would prefer to trade the new car for a fitter, healthier mum any day.”

This unexpected result may be great news for the obesity epidemic.  “This young generation have not given up on health and may be the ones to turn the crippling economic problem around.”

Australians are spending billions of dollars a year on obesity related health problems.  Problems that can all be fixed with a little bit of exercise.

“If my mum got fit again and picked me up in sporty clothes, I’d get so many compliments.  I’d be so proud” wrote Kelsey, a respondent from the Gold Coast.

“The first step is awareness, and the next step is action.  If we are to tackle this problem head on, mums need to talk to their kids, find out what they think and then do something about it.” say the Kiesers

“Finding the time and motivation to exercise is easy, there is a personal trainer on nearly every corner.  Save some money on the car and visit one.”  It could be the best investment you ever make for your kids.

Survey Statistics
Survey date: 16 – 22 April
Survey method: online
Targeted age: 14-16 years
Targeted Gender: none
Resulting gender: 61% female, 39% male
Geographical targeting: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast private schools
Number of respondents: 7,634
lead generation: Facebook ad to icontact survey
Facebook ad: “Click here if your mum picks you up from school”
Survey question: “what would make your mum cooler at pick up today?”

Survey results:
•    a new luxury car        28%
•    new designer clothes    3%
•    a new haircut            2%
•    looking fitter            67%

Interesting comments:

“I have to run to get in the car, because every time mum picks me up she smells like KFC.  It’s embarrassing because she’s fat but I can’t tell her because she’ll get angry at me.” Jerome – Sydney

“I’d rather walk up the street than get picked on for her weight” Angie – SCGS

“mum is fit already.  All my friends like her more than their own mums” Maddie – Sunshine Coast